Welcome to WOW!

World of Words (WOW) Languages is pleased to be offering Spanish and French language classes to Norfolk elementary school students. Along with basic language skills, students will be introduced to global cultures and geography in an exciting and interactive way.

If you already have a foreign language program in your elementary school, you have discovered how impressive it is to see young children learning a foreign language. But many other parents aren’t quite so fortunate. Statistics vary, but foreign language programs can be found in only about 25 to 30 percent of all public and private elementary schools in this country. Foreign language study should be considered a priority, especially if we want our children to be responsible citizens of our world.

World_horiz logoWe are proud to introduce a new member of the WOW team, Sylvia Liu. Sylvia is an illustrator with incredible talent and is contributing to the WOW books. To see more of Sylvia’s work, please check out her web site.